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Drive your success with the crypto wallet and trading platform that is smartly made for the needs of all types of traders. S6 Global ensures safety, reliability and best of services.


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Who we are?

The S6 Global Exchange is an online cryptocurrency platform by Gold Rock Associate Management Ltd. It has a strong team of experts with integrated resources in cryptocurrency trading.

The company is set to create a smart and safe software solution that is designed for all types of traders all over the world. Its aim is to provide the best trading experience and cater all trading needs.

What do we do?

S6 Global provides to every need of the users from novice to experts. Several financial services such as secured online wallet, excellent trading from copy, spot, margin, futures, mining, etc.

Servicing globally to about 100+ countries with 200+ trading pairs, outstanding bonuses, vouchers, referral programs and exclusive giveaways.

S6 Global's unstoppable growth and development since 2022.

S6 Global’s finest wallet features and trading services.

S6 Global, a trusted brand, connected to very secured third party networks.

Frank Kao

Co-founder and CEO of S6 Global

With many years of experience since cryptocurrency was born, I was committed to help build a world of success in this system of Crypto. Now here I am, making S6 Global Exchange conquer the crypto universe that I, and my team of purely experts have designed and put up to fulfill the needs of every trader.

Why choose S6 Global


Highest level of protection for all users with numerous address creation and not just two but three-factor authenticators.

Information Security

User’s profile security is on top priority that only the user can access their information.


Easy and smartly designed app that provides the best wallet features and trading experience to all users.

Law compliance

S6 Global is the proud owner of an MSB financial licence issued by Canada's Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre.


24/7 non-stop accessibility with zero down time supporting many languages as it caters globally and ensuring reliability to all.


Newest announcements and trends are always updated.

Easy-to-use Smart App for every trader’s needs.

Anytime, anywhere reliability is 100% guaranteed. Excellent network, ideas, work and value all in one app.

Crypto prices and graphs in real-time.

Buy and sell BTC, ETH, DOGE and other cryptocurrencies seamlessly at the best available rate.

Get an early warning of the price change of the cryptocurrency you care about.

View Bitcoin spot prices, futures and their options.

Compare cryptocurrency prices across markets.